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                   The Biography of Dr. Richard Minter, Jr.

Richard Minter, Jr. called by the Lord anointed to the ministry, to operate in the Five-fold Ministry (Ephesians 11:11, 12) and the Seven-fold Spirit of God (Isaiah 11:1-4). Dr. Richard Minter, Jr. was born in Riverhead, New York on April 4, 1960. Dr. Minter is a father of three daughter’s Rebekah Ruth, Esther Lily, and Elizabeth Grace; also three grandchildren Aaliyah Renee, Takoda Michael, and Angel Monique.

He received the Lord on August 26, 1981, at Living Waters Full Gospel Church of Aquebogue, New York; he also was filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. Later he was baptized in water on September 06, 1981 by Frank C. Dupree, Pastor of Living Waters Full Gospel Church at the Indian Island Park in Aquebogue, New York.

He also started some of his biblical training through Logos Bible College directed by Assistant Pastor Mike Smith which gave him his ground work for ministry. On July 1982 a team of young people and Rev. Agnes I. Numer of the Sommer Haven International Ministries, Inc. of Palmdale, California were invited to come to Living Waters Full Gospel Church from Africa to minister at the church, meanwhile Dr. Minter was given by the Lord in his apartment “Isaiah 58”.

He had no idea what the Lord was really saying to him, but yet he knew! As he went the first night to one of the meetings at the church, what did he hear “Isaiah 58”. The Lord had given Rev. Agnes I. Numer the vision and burden of “Isaiah 58” in October 1954; as he begin to listen to what the Lord was saying through her, he begin to understand what the Lord was saying to him in his apartment. He became so engulfed with the vision of “Isaiah 58”.

It was to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and let the oppressed go free and that you break every yoke. But still there was yet more work that needed to be done in his life. As Rev. Numer ended the message, she asked for the psalmist Teresa Skinner to come with her guitar to play and sing.

Teresa began to sing Isaiah 26: 12, 13, and 14. The powers of darkness were so enlarged in his life that the powers in him threw him three rows backwards. The Devil begin to speak through his mouth that, “he was not going to let him go”! Those powers also stretched his arms open and pressed him against the wall and said, “I will not let him go”! All during this time the team was praying deliverance over him.

He begins to sense such a freedom as the powers of darkness obeyed what the Spirit was saying through them. Dr. Minter, then begin to sense some things that he was called too, to set the captive free. Then the Lord begins to draw him away to Himself (God), and begin to minister to him by the Spirit of Revelation.

The Lord removed him from the church for about three months. I mind you that he was considered a babe in Christ. The Lord said to him during this time of separation; now do you understand why I gave you “Isaiah 58”?

Yes, it became very clear to him. When the Lord finally allowed him to go back to his church; the Lord had given him instructions to walk up to his then Pastor and say, the Lord is calling me to California to Sommer Haven International Ministries Training Center (this was also prior to a confirmed word from at the time Pastor Tony D’Onofrio from Upper Room Tabernacle).

There were so many mixed feelings about this but he had to obey the Spirit of the Lord. So he left for California on April 04, 1983 with the way totally provided by the Lord. He had no idea what the Lord had in store for him.?! Sommer Haven is a Training Center; it was also called the School of the Prophets.

The Lord had some more training for Dr. Minter that he could only get there. See we have to be in the place of training of the Lord’s choice. There was training for national as well as international. The spiritual training consisted of biblical training, deliverance, intercession, travail, how to listen to the Voice of God, walking in vision, and prayer and fasting.

The natural training consisted of being trained to work with the youth, starting A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) Christian Schools, home schooling, agriculture, animal husbandry, food preparation, food distribution, water sanitation, and personal hygiene. They also went as appointed to Mexico, American Indian Reservations, Africa, Philippines, Canada and so many other countries and also started Training Centers.

The Lord sent him forth in 1990 to “cry aloud and spare not”, (Isaiah 58:1) also whether they hear or forbear give the Word of the Lord (Ezekiel 2:5). The Lord sent him back to his home town Riverhead, New York; prior to that the Lord had given Dr. Minter a vision of Jamaica, W.I. in January 1984. His first trip to Jamaica was October 1992. He didn’t know anyone in Jamaica he only had the name of the pastor that was to pick him up.

The Lord did begin to use him very powerfully in the days ahead. The Lord used him to pray for a man with a club foot and he was healed, and also a woman that had a spirit of fear that permitted her from standing up straight.

The second and third trip to Jamaica, he took barrels of food and clothing. The Lord used him to also host a dance project which was called, “Dance Alive” which included dancers from America as well as the Caribbean Islands. He had the Favor of God on him throughout the region of Jamaica; doors were opened throughout the entire Island of Jamaica.

In 1994 the Lord also spoke to Dr. Minter about giving him his own ministry. It was about 2am in the morning when the Lord spoke. It wasn’t long when this happened on February 28, 1994, Apostle Minter was given with no strings attached a ministry that was already incorporated had a 501c3 (not-for-profit) and $600.00 in the ministry account. Dr. Minter began having services in his living room. He then moved into his pastoral position for several years.

In 1996 the Lord spoke to him to begin to look for a building. He kept the building until the Lord said, to close up the doors in 1998. There were at least four ministries that came out from the ministry the Lord gave him as well as many ordained minister’s.

The Lord has used Dr. Minter all over the United States except for Alaska.

The Lord has used Dr. Richard Minter, Jr. as an apostle which means sent one, one with a special commission.

As a prophet who means one that speaks the oracles of God, one who speaks what is the Will of God, the mouth piece of God.

As an evangelist one who announces good tidings also a preacher of the Gospel; and one that travels locally and world-wide.

As a pastor one that leads a flock, elder, bishop.

As a teacher one who teaches and instructs by the Word of God lead by the Holy Spirit.

The Lord allowed Dr. Minter to go to Delaware in September 2002; where he then became a pastor for several years. The Lord placed on him a mantel of an apostle; before actually becoming consecrated and ordained as an apostle. The Lord had placed on him long ago the apostolic anointing even before he was aware of it! The time was coming near to make it official before man.

In June 2008 he received his earned doctorate degree from, The National School of Theology by Dean of the School Dr. Orlando Short, D.T., D.D… Dr. Minter later received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate Degree's from 2008 to 2014 in Theology and Christian Counseling. Dr. Minter also has had a very successful television broadcast for the two year when he was in New York called, “The Harvester” on channel 20 a popular local station that went all over New York and New Jersey; in which he ministered the Word of God and also would interview guest. He has also written an autobiography about his life that has been published April 26, 2010 called, “From Homosexuality to Christ” to purchase price $13.95 www.B& (Barnes & Noble). Praise the Lord, this year August 26, 2021 it will be 40 years that Dr. Minter has been through his transformation (born-again) and in Ministry.

His strengths consist of strong leadership and organizational skills, deliverance, inner and outer healing, equipping, training, enlightening, and instructing.

Now Dr. Richard Minter is called to minister world-wide, who at the present time is available for ministry and bookings.

Contact Information:

Dr. Richard Minter Jr. Ministries

(Affiliate of Crowning Glory Ministries, Inc.)

P.O. Box 281

Nassau, Delaware 19969

E-mail address:

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