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About Us

We are an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry

We are a church without walls; where there is no longer church as usual! 

We believe in the True Worship of God first. We as

a people become the Worship of God!

The True Worshipers must worship Him in

Spirit and Truth! Are you a Worshiper?

Because He seeks such too...... Worship Him!

We believe in true intercession by the Spirit of the Lord, we know that intercession cannot be taught, it is a gift through the Spirit of God for the Body of Christ and the World. We must go beneath the earth, the sea, the atmosphere, stratosphere, and the hemisphere until we reach the Prince of Persia and destroy all the powers of darkness through the Spirit of God.

This ministry is an organization and ministry that is under the by-laws of the Spirit and Kingdom of Almighty God but yet governed by the laws of the land. We are an affiliate of Crowning Glory Ministries, Inc. This is not an organization according to the worlds system. Organization - act of organizing; the manner in which the branches of a service. The branch we have is to serve others with the Power of God, to walk and move in the apostolic and prophetic. To help assist and oversee in ministries, churches, and in the lives of the people. We are not into competition we prefer to complement one another and ministries alike. We desire to see this happen in our lives as well as others. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty (freedom)! We believe also in the Divine and Ultimate "Destiny of God". We believe this ..... "Destiny is by choice not chance!"

Promote God's love, peace and joy! This is the witness that the Bible states, How will they know that we are of God? By how we show love one toward another and love our neighbors as ourselves. We believe in the "Full Counsel of God"......

Dr. Minter is an Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Revivalist, Host Conference's, Walks by Impartation, Apostolic Covering (Umbrella) and Natural and Spiritual Training

We also believe in operating by the Spirit of Integrity and the Spirit of Excellence.

Our first International Ministry that we are covering with an Apostolic Covering is Glory Apostles Community Church of Kenya, Pastor Kevin Juma Nyabuto

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