Dr. Richard Minter Jr. Ministries - "You cannot conquer what you do not confront"
Crowning Glory Ministries, Inc. and as an apostle Dr. Minter is part of the Five-fold Ministry (Ephesians 4:11) not according to the fleshly attributes of man-kind apostleship but according to being chosen by God to operate and function like the apostles of old.
April 28, 2011 
I have been commissioned and directed by God to do Prayer Summits ( means the highest point) in Ministries, Churches, Homes, and the Nations (national and international) as the doors are open and the Spirit of the Lord leads me. This is to take the Church back into prayer and intercession with travail. It is time to do war and go beyond the Veil. It is time to sound the Shofar again, to prepare and position the people for prayer and to do war against every power and principality in high places. We must be in a high place to pull down high powers! We are still at the brazen altar when we need to go to the Mercy Seat and then we will be permitted to go to the Holy of Holiest. I yelled out to God in prayer this morning, "I got it Lord, I got it"! Meaning my office as an apostle. No lies, gossip nor rumors can stop me now I have re-grouped and God Himself has equipped and fortified me.
May 03, 2011
God spoke today about the Macedonian Call which is a call to the "missionary field"! The Harvest is ripe but the laborers are few!
His Presence and Glory!
We are in the process of getting things together to start the assignment that was given to me so watch and be prayerful. The Prayer Summit just may be coming your way!
July 23, 2011 - The spirit of the anti-Christ is being loosed.
If you would like to book me for a Prayer Summit at your church, ministry, or home I am available  for service please contact me at timetobeblessed@aol.com or (302) 393-1108. Remember you are loved, blessed and highly favored by God!
Stop Abortion Director Kathy Smith www.takeittothepeople.net  Co-laborer in the Faith
August 26, 2012 will make Dr. Minter's 31st year of his Spiritual Birth     God is so good!
2011 is gone and 2012 is here it is time to Align ourselves with Heaven meaning we must come into divine alignment and agreement with God and Heaven!!
January 2012 -Until - The Lord has me on a sabbatical for a season and for a reason ........
Upcoming Event: Kenya, Africa Mission 2012  - March 2012 we have sent Bibles and some other supplies to Pastor Kevin in Kenya, Africa.
Praise the Lord we have become as of April 2012 the Apostolic Covering over Glory Apostles Community Outreach Church of Kenya, Pastor Kevin Juma Nybabuto and his orphanage.
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